You have this driving urge to change your profession, to start something new, to develop a different perspective?

To solve this situation it is entirely necessary to create a clear vision of what you would like to do. And as more precise you can articulate your vision as more precise you can generate the right strategy and how to make it happen.

Together we will find out what exactly your idea is. And then we will evaluate what the necessary steps for you will be. To achieve real clarity about your new project is certainly the first and essential step.

To give that new idea a safe frame, we will develop a strong strategy, we will determine what you have to consider and what and how you will perform your tasks. Cause only if you yourself are really convinced by your idea, you will have the energy and stamina to go all the way.

If you want to start, I’ll be happy to accompany you.

       – Inspiration

– Clarity

    – Strategy

    – Success

About me

My name is Christoph Nicolaisen and I come from the creative sector. I worked as a Director of Photography for more than 25 years and had to “re-invent” myself on nearly every job I worked on. Every project needed a totally new visual concept, I was always confronted with new people, new teams and a completely new environment. So I had to be quite fanciful to adapt to the permanently changing circumstances, I had to be quick in how I deal with the different tasks and – mostly in very stressful settings – in a calm and still very creative way.

As a Coach I am working for years now with people who want to change their professional perspective. And all of these people had their very individual way of reaching their goals. What makes it so interesting for myself is that it feels like all of them actually knew their own personal idea, as if all they had to do is find it.


The first meeting, which takes about 30 min, is free of charge and we will see what kind of plan we develop to solve your topic. 

All further consultations will cost 150€ for a 90 minute session.

Due to the pandemic all coaching will be online.




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